Hello 2010

With another year and decade I have revamped the blog in the most easy way possible, by choosing another theme from the long list on the WordPress dashboard. Lazy! I might go back to the other design one day. Anyhow, with the new year starting I thought I would do that Pagan thing and check out my horoscopes for 2010. I don’t really believe in them, except maybe when I was around in those teenage years when boys and boys where all that was thought about and horoscopes somehow fueled that thinking. I checked out The Times 2010 horoscopes for myself (Capricorn) and was surprised that the first line seemed quite correct in my current thinking.

“Even before 2010 dawns, you’ll already be conscious that you must approach life differently.

Here is the rest of the horoscope (of course you don’t need to read it especially if you aren’t a Capricorn).

“However, when your ruler, Saturn, tangled with Pluto, planet of truth and power struggles, in mid-November this year, you realised that you had no control over certain situations and individuals. These two planets clash again, on January 31 and in late August, bringing home lessons about both letting go and facing fears — some unacknowledged. However, with Saturn itself accenting both the structure of your life and new, often somewhat challenging, ideas, 2010 is not about achievement. It’s about a journey of self-discovery, one that enables you to leave seemingly secure arrangements behind you. Perhaps events, in the form of a change in your work or lifestyle, make this decision for you, or your restlessness takes over. Whatever the case, suddenly you’re free to become an entirely new you.

I’m looking forward to an entirely new me, facing my fears and a change in work or lifestyle as something has got to give this year. Bring on the journey of self-discovery!


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