One job that was done over the Christmas holidays was the arduous trip to Ikea to purchase some new bookcases. The bookcases were for the hall to use up some dead space. The hall did have a small bookcase and the drinks cupboard in it but we needed to find somewhere downstairs for the books that were living in the spare bedroom feeling neglected. So I decided that Ikea was the best place to buy some new bookcases for the hallway.

Nice and empty

Once they had been put together – a lot easier than I remember from previous building of flatpacks from Ikea (I would just like to point out that I didn’t do much building just handing over nails and holding bits in the right places) – I had the fun task of filling them up with books. I asked the question on Twitter about if to organise the books in alphabetical or by genre. Most answers came back to put them in alphabetical. Then I thought I would put all my Big Read book together and then alphabetical the rest on the other bookcase. I quite like this but I might rearrange them again at the weekend so the Big Read books are mixed up with the rest. It is nice to have them on show – even yesterday I browsed them like I was at the library.

Almost full of books

1 Response to “Bookcases”

  1. 1 mysticaljett January 10, 2010 at 3:07 am

    I love those kind of bookcases. Nice shopping.

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