Pandora’s Box

Actually it was a jar that Pandora had but let’s not go there. A few years ago I opened up Pandora’s Box that was in my mind and heart and since then I have been dealing with all sorts of emotions and thoughts. Some actually good but some not so good. What didn’t help was the gradual change in my working environment with colleagues leaving or deciding to work from home. From an office of seven to just two of us.  I need people around me to help keep me sane and I’m sure this is all part of my agoraphobia. The virtual world is great for keeping in touch with colleagues outside of the office but I do miss the chit chat that happens in an office. Also, working in an office with others means you can bounce ideas off people and it is easier to hear what is going on with the company.

There are many demons that I have opened but most I can’t say on here. I should really have had made this blog a bit more underground but too late for that now. I have nothing more to say at the present on Pandora and her jar/box except that I do like Greek mythology.


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