The lack of posting yesterday was due to my birthday. Another year older and trying to forget how old I am but I don’t think I’m alone in that. Still, it was a nice day, especially going out with friends for lunch. That is the beauty of working from home, I can meet up with friends at lunchtime! An added bonus was that it snowed! Just for the morning but that was enough. I think I’m the only person left in the UK who was excited about the snow yesterday. In the evening we went to Pizza Express for some tasty food and Italian beer. When I got home I made myself a Manhattan with my newly acquired Noilly Prat – which made the drink so much better than the cheap supermarket stuff I had.

I got quite a lot of nice presents and some money. A new purse (which was really handy as my current purse from my 30th had finally started to fall apart), PJs, make-up, jeans, tops, socks and an electric whisk. I’m very excited about using the electric whisk over the weekend. I think with the money I will buy myself some bookends and some nice arty books in particular one on Art Deco. It was also nice to get lots of well wishes from friends all over the world – makes me feel well-travelled. Another year over so quickly and like a friend told me “this year will be a good one for you”, I hope so!


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