Building houses

Today, while chatting at work there was talk about Lego – a colleague had brought some for her son’s birthday and it just reminded me of building small Lego houses when I was younger. Perfect for the Lego people not so for humans though James May did give it a good go! Then I have fond memories of going to the Ideal Home Exhibition when I was a teenager with my mum. I would always want to view the four houses that were always built in the middle of Earls Court and spend hours queuing up to slowly walk around them. I would be so excited about looking at these houses especially the layouts. Then I would buy a book with hundreds of house plans – tons of them for me to drool over.

During my college years, one summer project was to create a model of a shop using mounting board. That was one of the only few homework pieces that I actually did at the start of the holidays and really enjoyed making. This brings me to the idea that I should have been an Architect. Designing houses. Making models of the houses. All the signs are there from an early age but I never thought about it and I doubt my parents ever thought it would be something I could do. Damn, I wonder how much different my life could have been but I’m being positive so I don’t regret anything. I will just have to buy a ruined building and create it into a beautiful home or buy some land and build my own home to fulfilled that small dream I have.


2 Responses to “Building houses”

  1. 1 mysticaljett January 22, 2010 at 4:25 am

    To late to change careers and be an architect? Anymore, half what they do is via software anyway. Maybe you should study CAD or something instead of the history. Just a thought.

    • 2 Michelle Best January 23, 2010 at 12:10 am

      That is a good idea, thanks! I definitely think I will do something creative and techie next time instead of history. Much more up my street!

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