Thank “Crunchie” it’s Friday

I’m so glad it is the weekend. So glad that it is Friday night. Actually it’s been another tough week – work was crazy and boring at the same time, had moments of anxiety that caused me to be an emotional wreck, husband has been away all week skiing so the house has been really quiet (sometimes I love this but sometimes it is good to talk to a real person in the evenings), not slept very well and I’m feeling so tired that I don’t feel tired until about one in the morning or midnight if I’m lucky. On top of all that I would really love to get out the house and go shopping. Shopping to buy clothes or nice things for the house. My fears of going out aren’t worse but not any better. Damn this agoraphobia. One day I will write properly about this…

The worst thing about this week was finding out the doctors haven’t done the referral letter for counselling for my anxiety. I went to the doctors about this at the beginning of December and had waited patiently for the appointment letter. After a few phone calls they are going to fax it over to the counselling department soon and hopefully I will hear from them sooner rather than later. It felt like a real setback. On a more positive note I have wonderful friends who have helped this week with fun, laughter and generally understanding. Tomorrow I’m going to try to have fun with these fabrics from Ikea, all good practice for my sewing skills. PS – I’m being all lady-like and not swearing today but used the Crunchie slogan instead!


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