Tuesday’s thoughts

I have many but with no real rhythm or reason so this post might be a bit disjointed. I have a new boss who is based in the UK, which is great. Someone in my time zone to talk to if I have issues or just for advice on anything work-related and an added bonus I have worked with her before. I have the need to buy some new clothes from Ted Baker, my favourite shop in the world. With the new season just starting there is a wealth of new luscious clothing on their website. So much to choose from and so little money to spend. I went for a 10 minute walk today even after a day of feeling out of sorts but I’ve come to expect I will have days like this.

I’ve been online shopping again – this time some combat trousers and underwear from M&S and wadding for the quilt that I’m in the middle of making. Also, a book on quilting as I can’t seem to find a beginners lesson on quilting on the internet, which is odd as I’m quite good at finding information on the net. Let me say that again, I’m bloody good at finding information on the net and I just can’t find a good beginners how-to on making a patchwork quilt from start to finish. I might just have to create my own post for this once I have made a quilt. There is just tons of new good music out there at the moment – it is like Niagara Falls in music. So much is rushing past me that I just can’t seen to find enough time to listen to it all. So much so that I will write a whole post about all the new music one day.  I’m also being grateful of the small things like the birds in the garden and wonderful like-minded friends who I can talk to about music and just have a laugh with.


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