A long day… again

Another day in my small life that seemed to go on forever. That’s what happens though – when having fun and happy the day goes too quickly. Even with a nice lunch to two of my closet friends and a small baby I still felt wobbly when I got home. Wobbly, that’s my word for the way I feel sometimes. I’m very glad for my friends though who helped me to get out the house at lunchtime – without one of them I would have stayed at home today annoyed with myself for not going out. It is tiring this anxiety business.

Tomorrow will be another tiring day with a full-on Catholic funeral for my husband’s nan. She was 98 when she died which is a very good innings as I like to say and she still lived in her own home until she went in to hospital just before Christmas. So, this will be my first Catholic funeral and burial. I know I have a few friends who are Catholic but I can say that I’m not looking forward to the two hour service (especially as I’m an atheist) followed by the burial but then who does look forward to funerals. There is no ‘fun’ in funeral.


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