Nothing to say

I’m finding it so hard to think of interesting things to write about on here. I don’t feel like writing about work and working at home means nothing exciting happens during the day. All that happens is the change in the weather and all my online shopping turning up. No holidays booked and I can’t seem to get excited with thinking of where to go. It kind of makes me feel sad that when I started this blog nearly two years ago I had so much to write about and was creating interesting times for myself. Making plans for going out and learning lots of new things. Now I just feel middle-aged with baking cakes and sewing as a source of excitement. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with those and I enjoy both but I wish I was still doing other things like going out as well.

It is easy to say, well go out then. It isn’t that easy especially as I’m having an episode of agoraphobia at the moment. On top of my anxiety issues – or is this a natural course of my anxiety. The hardest thing about this is that is the attitude from some people. Some just don’t get it and I’m sure are just wanting to say to me “pull yourself together” while others are great and really understanding. Then I have my mum who, I know means well, but rings a bit too much just to “see how I am”. When I’m feeling fine and these calls happen it brings back thoughts that I’m not well. I know that if I’m not having a good day then I would call her or find a friend who is around to chat to. These chats do help so much when I need them. Oh well, tomorrow will be another day of chasing the doctors about getting some counselling – the joys of the NHS!


1 Response to “Nothing to say”

  1. 1 Cynical Scribble February 11, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    I’m the same with the writing stuff. Can’t seem to find much stuff or inspiration to write about things lately. I’m sure it’ll come back.

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