Avoiding the news

The past few days I have avoided the news. There wasn’t any real game plan, I just could not be bothered to see all the depressing, worst-case scenario items that were being broadcast or written about. So, no checking the BBC site every five minutes or looking at The Times sites for more in-depth news and now I wonder if ignorance is bliss. It could be or not – depends on who you talk to I suppose.  I wouldn’t do well at any dinner parties or work gatherings.

Tonight I thought I would check the BBC website as I had nothing else to do and found out the fashion designer Alexander McQueen has died. I think I will go back to my ignorance is bliss state with the news. If we happen to invade another country or maybe if a country decides to invade us I’m hoping someone will tell me. Of course, I have Twitter to help out with all the major news (scandal) items!


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