Another weekend

It seems at this time of year that the weekends go too quickly but nothing seems to happen on the weekends. No exciting nights out and as winter drags on it feels like hibernation is still going strong. This weekend I have baked fairy cakes, read my book, went food shopping, went shopping for new puppy stuff like a bed, food and chewy things, had a friend round for a cuppa, finally purchased some music instead of using Spotify all the time (from Twitter remarks I seem to be the only one who still pays for music), did some ironing, lots of washing up, ate a lot of pizza, went for a walk, slept a lot, drank a few cocktails and watched a few films (Interview with a Vampire, The Hangover and 50 First Dates).

Pretty much a normal, not very exciting weekend. Not that very weekend should be exciting. Yesterday was a day where I spent most of it feeling anxious and just not quite right. Today was better – I just can’t work out what makes a good day or a bad day. Is it the food I eat the day before or what I eat for breakfast? How well I sleep? What I’m doing that day? Who I’m with? What the weather is like? Maybe it is time to do a diary on these events. I suppose I could write it on here. That could easily lose me more readers than make more but as I’m really rubbish at keeping real handwritten diaries than it might just be on here. Oh, by the way and for the record I still think Valentines is a commercial scheme for people to spend too much money on flowers, chocolates and cards and I feel sorry for all those single people out there who have to listen/read/watch about Valentine’s Day all weekend long.


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