Since working at home and spending more time at home I’ve discovered an interest in food. Cooking and baking to be exact. Of course eating is involved as well. On the baking front it has been cupcakes galore, from plain vanilla ones to chocolate with butter icing. Blueberry and lemon or orange and raspberries. With my new electric whisk it is even easier to make them. I quite fancy making a carrot cake next however, I need to buy some cake tins. On the real food for day to day living I’ve been making minestrone soup many times for lunch. So much that I know now the recipe off by heart. I’m quite big on stews as well – Moroccan tagines, vegetable stew with dumplings or butternut squash with lentils.

Tonight I made spinach and ricotta cannelloni – easy to make but took at bit of time so by the time it came to eating I was really hungry. One day I would quite like to try my hand at making pasta especially tortellini. Maybe bread as well – that could be fun but for now I’m trying to find a good vegetable broth recipe as one of my friends said she had a good vegetable broth with Chinese dumplings in it. Sounds like a good lunchtime recipe. Also, I have a recipe for homemade baked beans – might try that at the weekend as it takes all day and I’m not going anywhere with a new puppy in the house. It’s all about inspiration for me with cooking and having a good recipe to follow. I don’t mind tweaking a recipe (especially if I don’t have all the right ingredients like using butter beans instead of cannellini beans for the minestrone soup) but I don’t think I have enough experience with food to start creating new recipes.


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