End of the week

What a week. A mixture of ups and downs and to top that off a hell of a busy week at work. The past few days I have done an hour or more of work in the evenings. Maybe this is a curse of working at home. On a plus side I was able to do some errands today – actually got out the house. I did take the car with me and drove literally around the corner (not very green) but it’s the only way to get out the house at the moment. I did allsorts of errands, some food shopping, bought a sympathy card, got my shampoo and conditioner from my hairdressers (my hairdresser is lovely but hyper as well), bumped in to one of my oldest friends, paid in a cheque (my winnings from the Premium Bonds, thank you very much), and some more food shopping.

As the week has blurred in the matters of ups and downs I can’t remember what has happened or how I felt. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. Here is my plan for the weekend: pick up puppy tomorrow (very EXCITED), spend the rest of the day cleaning up after the puppy and generally just having fun. In between that I will need to do some work and then some more fun things like baking a passion cake (another name for a carrot cake) and some reading. Interesting and fun times ahead – there will be many photos to come of the pup and lots of ahhhhhs. Happy Friday!


1 Response to “End of the week”

  1. 1 mysticaljett February 20, 2010 at 1:25 am

    The good part of working at home is that you can sometimes get out to run errands. The downside, you tend to work some in the evenings and the house work will pile up. 🙂

    I love carrot cake!!! Sounds good. Hope you enjoy the puppy and look forward to seeing the pics.

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