Women in Technology

Can I write about myself? Maybe not though I don’t know many women (personally or in the tech “celebrity” world) who are masters in technology. I could blame Twitter for the fact that I’m writing about this as I saw Tim O’Reilly tweet about the Ada Lovelace Pledge to get so many women to write about women in technology and science. I can’t class using Twitter or blogging as making me a tech savvy woman as the process for setting both up is easy. Having the inspiration to write interesting posts or tweets is the real hard bit but that’s nothing to do with technology (in my eyes). I wonder why I don’t know of any well-known technology women except for Martha Lane Fox, who created lastminute.com with Brent Hoberman. She is English so maybe that is why I know about her. I don’t read tech magazines or tech blogs often so that could be my problem or maybe when I do I just don’t notice the gender of the writer/interviewee/interviewer.

Am I the most tech savvy woman I know personally? – no, but I know the how to use Google to find out on how to solve the problem when asked what to do if “my laptop won’t turn on” and I can unjam a photocopier. I haven’t seen many men do that in my time. I know what HTML and CSS stands for and basic coding but the rest is a complete mystery to me. A fascinating mystery that is, though. I have two colleagues who are tech/science savvy – one an application developer for our website team who knows coding and Ruby on Rails and the other our Social Media and Education analyst, who can write about anything techie and the publishing world. I’d ask my colleague, Kate (the analyst) if I could write about her for this post but I have trouble writing about other people. I really should have got Kate to write about herself. Still, now that I am aware of the Ada Lovelace Day I will now look out for those tech savvy women so I will know who they are.


1 Response to “Women in Technology”

  1. 1 Kate W March 24, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    You’re right, I’m techtastic! I can even throw money at the problem and get someone else to fit a new keyboard for me, such are the extent of my tech skills. Oh, and I have half a physics degree (no, I didn’t quit, the other half is in history) – does that diminish my tech credentials? I fear it does – or maybe it just makes me a Renaissance Woman! I think I prefer the latter explanation…!

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