Photo Thursday with words

I did some more baking today – Ginger Snaps (easy peasy) and Flapjacks made with healthy stuff like agave syrup. I have never made flapjacks before so I wasn’t sure what to expect and it was made harder because I was following an Irish recipe that used cup measurement and I wanted to only make half the amount stated. This was because I only had enough oats for half of a batch. I think I had got something wrong with it as they are quite crumbly – tasty but not quite like a flapjack. Still they are healthy and tasty so they won’t go to waste. Also, all the really crumbly bits I have collected and will have for breakfast with yoghurt and honey – I suppose like oaty granola. I will have to do some more experimenting with that recipe. Still the American-style baked beans did come out really well and hopefully look like how they should (thanks to my friend Mike for the recipe). I had a friend over for lunch today and we had beans, of course. They went down really well, so much so they she asked for the recipe. That is the second person to ask for it – the baked beans are now famous in Upminster!

Healthy flapjacks... more like oaty nutty bars but still nice

Homemade American-style baked beans

All the colours of the rainbow

A bit of colour in the garden - Pink Heather


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