Trying to be strong

For the past few weeks I have felt alright about myself and generally feeling a whole lot better about life. My anxiety has got better which means I have felt more healthy, which in turns means the anxiety is better. Today I even managed to go out to a few shops (placed a bet on the Grand National and lost) without those panicky feelings that I used to get. We planted some plants in the front small patch of earth with the pup on her lead (so she wouldn’t dash off after people to play) – the sun was shining and I felt good about everything. Then of course, something happens to change all that. I had some sort of dizzy spell. One that made me have to sit down or was that just me panicking about it and making it worse. Anyhow, I said hello to my health anxiety again.

This time I tried to think more rational about it – I sure most people have a dizzy moment now and again and it could all be to do with my neck as it has been quite stiff and achy the past week. I’m trying not to worry about it and I’ve got a handy booklet to help with my health anxiety. After my spell I read my booklet and had a lie down and promptly fell asleep. Now that I have had dinner and a couple of cold beers I’m feeling a lot better about it all. Lets just hope that it doesn’t happen again soon or that will push me over the edge again and I don’t really want that again. This is why I’m trying to be strong. Strong about my health anxiety.


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