How old am I?

For the past ten or more years (I honestly don’t know the exact years) my in-laws have owned a static caravan on Mersea Island, Essex. Over the years we have stayed with them and enjoyed the sea air. Admittedly, there was times when I disliked going to the ‘caravan’ and I’m sure there was a few years when we never went. As a sure sign of getting old I’m quite enjoying the odd weekend away to the Island. The sea air, beaches, countryside and that whole getting away from it all feeling. My husband even thinks this more so as a few weeks ago he started to talk about getting our own caravan.

Half of me thinks this would be a good idea as I would be able to use it over the summer but I don’t feel old enough to own a caravan! Also, there is the cost of it. A decent caravan would cost around £30K with about £2K a year in charges. Yikes, that is a lot of money, almost like buying an expensive second car. I’m not sure what to think about it all – a holiday home sounds so much better than caravan. My other thought was why not move to Mersea Island. I found a detached 2/3 bed chalet-style bungalow for a reasonable price. It had loads of land in a rural setting. Something of a project to make it bigger and bring new life back in to the building. Maybe that is more of a pipe dream but I will get to move out to a more rural area one day even if it is still in Essex.


2 Responses to “How old am I?”

  1. 1 Cynical Scribble April 14, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    I spent most of my school holidays in my aunts caravan in Wales, I think thats what puts me off them now. I was there that much (including any free weekends) it was virtually my 2nd home.

    But, my dad has owned a caravan for about the past 5 years. My first visit to it was about 2 months ago. Ignoring my reluctance to go, it was actually very good. BUT, as you said, they are very expensive for what they are (site fees are horrendous), it depends what you want out of it??

    My cousin actually sells caravans for a living (he’s not a gypsy) and he’s always said he would never ever sell to family because they are such a rip off. Make of that what you will..

    I know what I’d do 😉

    PS: This is longer than some of my blog posts, sorry!

    • 2 Michelle Best April 16, 2010 at 7:38 pm

      Can your cousin get me a cheap second-hand caravan then? Heh, only joking. It is still going to take some thinking this caravan malarkey.

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