Beer mostly, of late but I think that might be because of the nice spring weather which feels like summer during the day though a bit chilly at night. I keep saying to myself that I must have a few weeks off the beer and stick to the spirits as I need to lose a bit of weight but beer is just too easy especially with a beer fridge that is always stocked up. Tonight I made my first mojito of the summer but I needed fresh limes as the ones I had had gone a bit firm making it hard to squeeze the juice out of them. Then as I picking some mint as a garish I noticed that the plant had an attack of aphids so I wondered if I had drown a few in my mojito and being a vegetarian could I still drink it? Hah! Needs more work on my mojito making.

So now I’m back on to one of my favourites with is the Cognac Old Fashioned – soooo good! I didn’t used my new cocktail shaker for any of these drinks (a shaker shouldn’t be used for a Old Fashioned anyway) which is an old 70s battery operated shaker. Yes, that is battery operated. No need to used my arms to shake a drink – just let the stick in the shaker do its thing. To tell the truth I doubt I will ever used it but I find it funny and a nice addition to have on my shelf. None of this “minimalist” home for me! Some pictures below of my drink and the 70s shaker. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Friday!

Spot the aphids

Where are my flares and platforms?


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