Plastic fantastic

Actually, the title should be “Plastic, not fantastic”, but I like the sound of plastic fantastic. It reminds me of those 1970s molded plastic chairs that I would love to own. Anyway, I keep thinking about how much plastic items there is in my home, from pens to my vinyl collection of 12 inch records to a new kitchen door to the packaging vegetables come in. Plastic is a way of life now as cables running electricity are made from PVC as are water/sewerage pipes so unless you can build your own environmentally house with compost loos and a lake for water I doubt anyone in the modern world can get away from plastic. Of course if your house is still stuck in the Victorian era with lead pipes and using candles for light, then you are green, albeit with lead poisoning.

With a growing interest in reducing waste I keep looking for less packaging on food. At the moment I just taking one step at a time – I’ve always taken my own bags for food shopping but trying to buy tomatoes without the plastic wrapping is proving hard without having to drive further out and buy from a farm shop. It is almost a catch 22 situation. Plastic is bad but fumes from driving your car is bad for the environment. Still, small steps is better than no steps and when I see how much rubbish food with lots of packaging (cheap food = lots of non-recyclable packaging) my in-laws buy then someone has to try and balance it out.  One farm shop that I have been to had frozen fruit and frozen croissants loose, so in the future I know I can take my own containers, fill them up and straight in to the freezer.

My friend yesterday told me of a great story of her neighbour. After a while of shopping at the local Somerfield she was fed up with all the packaging on fruit and vegetables so one day after paying for her food she took all the packaging off and left it at the supermarket. The staff told her that she couldn’t do it but she said “I didn’t ask for it so you can keep it!”. Now that is a great story and if more people did that then one day packaging on tomatoes or bananas will be a thing of the past.


1 Response to “Plastic fantastic”

  1. 1 somethingnewplease April 28, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    I saw a bag of sunchips yesterday. The packaging is now made out of plants so it 100% composts. Innovation and great marketing rolled into one compost pile.

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