Friday’s thoughts

Only three weeks until I leave work, a sugar rimmed martini glass is so pretty and the contents of the glass just as wonderful (a Sidecar to be precise), I have good friends at work to keep me smiling (including drink recipes), I took the pup for two 10-minute walks today – one of which we both ran half of it, there are bluebells flowering in the garden, I have been online shopping (a jacket and a few books), one goal for my time off is to create the perfect spicy beanburger, I need to get my hair cut especially my fringe, though I was thinking of cutting it myself… that could be really risky!

Other thoughts this week have been do I buy a cheap Acer laptop to house all the Windows programmes I have since my Vaio died last year. I have a programme for the Mac so I can put them on there but do I really want to contaminate the Mac? I think I’m buying all the things I need before I become poor during the summer, like some nail vanishes in a coral colour that I got on Wednesday while out running some errands. I even went in to a couple of the many charity shops in my town but I can’t stand to rummage in shops so I’m wondering if I will ever be able to shop in them. Time will tell. Should I mention the election? I voted but I’m not sure I agree with the confused outcome. Time will tell with that as well. That’s it for today – Happy Friday!!


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