Cutting back

With only three weeks of work left, I’ve got to start thinking about cutting back. Not that I really spend a lot especially since I stopped going out as much but nowadays I don’t really think about how much that toasted sandwich is or that summer dress. The place that I will find hard not to spend all my money is at Amazon. I will have to go to the library instead but I will have to remember to take the books back. I always forget and end up paying a big fine. Fabric will be another item that I will need to stop buying (a bit anyway) – the V&A have some wonderful vintage inspired printed fabric at the moment and of course if I find myself in Ikea then the fabric department is the place for me to go.

Only once I am a “housewife” can I guess how I will feel about having no money of my own coming in to my bank account every month. Maybe I will be fine about it – I suppose it will depend on how long I decide to take off before going back to work or how long it will take to find another job. A new job… now that will be scary. Best not to think about that just yet.


1 Response to “Cutting back”

  1. 1 Kate W May 12, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    I won’t mention then that Amazon have just released a browser button called Add to Wish List, which you can use to add products from ANY SITE to your Amazon wish list. Or maybe that is a good idea, since you may be relying on other people buying you stuff!

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