The word sunny always makes me start humming the little song by Bonny M ‘Sunny’. Not that I was around in the 70s but there is a remix of the song on a Cafe Del Mar album that I have. A nice chill out remix which just reminds me of Ibiza and sunsets. Anyhow, this weekend has been a sunny one, which means two things for the English: quite a few lobster looking people out and about tomorrow and lots of predictions about how it will be a great summer this year. This happens every year – good weather in April or May, “It’s going to be a hot summer” and then it all turns crap in August (most of the time). Of course, in the news tomorrow there will be the traditional photos of girls in bikinis on British beaches and kids eating ice-cream. It is almost like the sun shining is a once in a lifetime experience.

So, with all this sun I have been mostly avoiding it – I burn so easily and my blood has thickened so much over the winter months that I was finding it too hot. Even with this practice of sitting in the shade or only sitting in the sun in the morning or evening and with sunscreen on, I still managed to burn my left arm. Great! In a stylist t-shirt tan way as well. On a better note, I wore a dress today, which is rare for me, I painted my toenails in a colour called “Coralicious” and the BBQ has been out in force. King prawns, tuna steaks, organic salmon and lots of veggies – wonderful! Of course, this warm weather won’t last so I’ll enjoy it while it is here (in the shade – hah!).


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