During my summer break I’m thinking of starting a second blog that contains all those girlie things like sewing, cooking, fashion, art, and of course, nail colour. Of course, I could write all these things on this blog but I feel they should be separate as I’m sure some of my readers don’t want to read about how my sewing is coming along or how many raspberries I have collected from my plants. My only problem is thinking of a name for my second blog – something on the lines of “my summer diary” or “unemployment during the summer” or something arty. I’ve been looking at words I like and then going through the thesaurus without much luck. I need a moment of inspiration or a ‘lightbulb’ moment for the name of my new blog.

Once I get a new name for the second blog and start writing on it, I promise that I will keep this one up as well. This blog is more of a sounding board for my hopes and fears with some of my opinions thrown in for good measure. How many blogs can one have? Many but writing on them at least once a week is the hard bit. Though with lots of time on my hands it should be easy… I hope!

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