A frest start … of sorts

Last Friday I left my job of 12 years. Those 12 years have flown by with many changes at work and at home. I started as a Secretary and left as an Executive Relationship Management Specialist or something on those lines. I could never remember the full title. My favourite title (if one can have such a thing) was Production Manager, which I had for about six years. Anyhow, after about six months of being unhappy with the way my role was going and other circumstances, like my mental health, I made that big leap and handed in my notice. That was over ten weeks ago and here I am, unemployed. Well, almost as I’m helping out my former company as a contractor for either one or two hours a morning, depending on the work load, until a new person is found.

The semi plan at the moment is to take the next two weeks as a time to sort out the house and bake. Get things straight in my study/dressing room. Declutter everywhere – clean everywhere. Get my life sorted, type of thing.  Today, was the first day of a new start with the exception of spending two hours this morning working but hey, it is pocket money. I was in housewife mode as I put three lots of laundry on, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned out the fridge, went to the supermarket, made banana and honey bread, change the bed linen and cooked dinner with homemade rice pudding for dessert. Doesn’t really seem like a lot but it was pleasurable to do these chores (making bread and eating it wasn’t a chore, that’s for sure) in a nice slow pace. Tomorrow is a new day and I have more laundry on the cards!


1 Response to “A frest start … of sorts”

  1. 1 Cynical Scribble June 2, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    That’s a brilliant job title: Executive Relationship Management Specialist.

    Good for you for making the big leap. It can’t have been an easy decision and I hope whatever you decide to do next works out. However, I do expect ranting blogs about daytime tv – Loose Women/Jeremy Kyle/House buying programmes – before too long 😉

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