Un, deux, trois

I only did a few years of French at school and all I can remember is counting one to ten, and the usual niceties. Now, I can use some French on my blog as I’m into Day Three of my fresh start. Apart from one hour or so of work this morning, all I did was laundry and ironing. Lots of ironing. I hate ironing especially shirts. Still, it is a small price to pay. I took the puppy for a walk and made granola. Had a chat with a friend and then cooked dinner. Another friend called me after dinner and now I’m writing this very boring post.

I’m still trying to think of a name for my creative, ever-so-arty blog. I keep getting drawn to ‘peony’ and ‘orche’ at the moment. Here is my list of random names: Peony Orche Design; Creative Peony; Michelle Being Creative (as oppose to Being Earnest); Peony & Orche (sounds like a detective show featuring two elderly women); Peony Best; Orche Peony; Orche Design (someone else already has this name). Maybe one will jump out at me tomorrow and that will be it. Of course I could just buy the domain michellebest.co.uk and use that as my “creative” blog.

Peonies from my garden


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