6.5 acres

What would you do with 6.5 acres of land? Farm? Camping site? Or just buy a sit-on lawn mower and have fun? I’m doubting I can get my husband to move to the Lake District, so I’ve been occasionally looking at property for sale on the little Island of Mersea, then he can still travelling in to the London for work! It may still be in Essex but feels far enough away from the usual trappings of the Essex/East London lifestyle (chavs to be honest). The beauty of Mersea, especially East Mersea is that it feels like the middle of nowhere but a five-minute drive and there is the town of West Mersea and about a 25 minute drive and Colchester town is there, with everything one needs from a big town. Then, there is the option of getting a train into London from Colchester which takes about an hour.

So, back to the 6.5 acres, I have seen a house for sale which could be in our price range (if I haven’t had just given up work) and we were ready to move house. Moving house costs so much money, what with solicitors fees, Stamp Duty, estate agents fees so it would be better to have some cash around to help out. Also, with my dreamy plans of building extensions on the house, having chickens and creating an orchard, the more money available the better. Though it is all about location so maybe living with a house that has a turquoise bathroom suite might not be that bad… for a while.


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