Weekend update

As the weekend draws to a close I thought I would reflect on what happened during the past 48 hours. Don’t get too excited as not much really happened. No big money wins or births or marriages or big life changing events, just a lot of baking and acquiring furniture. Two new wardrobes from Ikea, expertly put up by my husband and a 60s sideboard, inherited from my nan-in-law. The slight snag with this that furniture needs to be moved around to fit these new pieces in – something I can’t do during the week on my own. This means the sideboard is in the garden covered in plastic sheeting and the wardrobes are in the bedroom but not in the right place. Upstairs is a mess and that needs sorting before we can move furniture upstairs so the sideboard can go in the dining room. Ahem.

Sunday was a day of not leaving the kitchen. Firstly, I made minestrone soup for lunch (enough left over for lunch tomorrow as well – bonus), then I made bread and cherry-almond loaf cake, both of which come from my new Nigella cookbook. I’m just finding her recipes really easy to follow and the results always come out good. Top marks for Ms Lawson. Then dinner was a Quorn and bean shepherd’s pie. The oven was on for hours but the results were brilliant, if I don’t say so myself. Here is a photo of the bread and cake for everyone to salivate over.



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