The housewife diaries

Yesterday, I was a real housewife. Paid for my keep as I put it. After spending a few hours doing some work early in the morning (because of the warm weather I’m getting up at about 7am at the moment), I then spent the day baking and playing at being “Widow Twankey“. I baked two loafs of bread, one white and one wholemeal. I really love making bread now and this was the first time I had made a wholemeal. The texture is different when kneading but it comes out really well. Thank goodness for the Nigella Lawson recipe that I’m using – it works everytime. I’m now looking for a way to make the next loaf a granary or at least a wholemeal with sunflower seeds. A loaf will last a few days around here so I’m thinking I should be baking bread at least three times a week from now on and once I improve my bread cutting skills I will be having it for my toast in the mornings.

As to the Widow Twankey reference, I did a lot of laundry washing, in all about six washes and as the weather was so warm it was drying quick time outside on the line. Sadly, I get so excited about good drying days. The boost of energy lasted for cleaning the bathroom, making lemon sorbet and baking fairy cakes. Of course, then I cleaned up the kitchen and cooked dinner. Phew, what a day but in a very good way. Today, was a lot slower but had a friend round for lunch with her small children which was nice. Children are tiring but I’m sure I don’t have to tell my friends who are parents that, but I had the beauty of having a quiet house once they had all gone home. Even Tilly the pup crashed out once there was peace and quiet. Tomorrow will be a work day as I have invoices to create – sounds all very grown up!


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