I had one of those days where it felt like disappointment after disappointment. It is odd how some days are like that but maybe I was just in one of those moods to begin with. Anyhow, it started when I went to the next town to visit a local art shop. I used to go to this shop all the time when I was at school and then at college while studying Display Design but sadly, as I went back today it didn’t feel like the art shop that I had known. It had changed in to a “scrapbooking/craft” shop with a few odd & sods of art basics. I was so disappointed. I managed to buy some charcoal, two sheets of tracing paper (no pads of tracing paper for sale) and one “B” pencil. The only “B” pencil for sale. I believe this shop is up for sale now as the owners are retiring and it was sad to see it not as good as it used to be.

The second disappointment was at my weekly trip to Waitrose, which is only around the corner to my house and such a civilised way of shopping compared to the nightmare that is Tesco’s.  I thought I would get some cheese from the deli counter instead of off the shelf as I normally do. In an effect to reduce waste I asked the counter staff about having the cheese put in to my own container. After speaking to the manager it was a “No – due to cross-contamination/health & safety”. How I do hate some of our H&S rules. Even the manager thought it was ridiculous but companies are so scared of being sued that everything has to be wrapped in plastic instead. Maybe I need to take my cause to the Health & Safety Executive so they might ease up on this type of thing. Still, I might write to Waitrose head office first. The third disappointment was that I bought sushi at the store for lunch. I just wasn’t thinking straight as I picked it up. Firstly, it didn’t taste nice – the fish was like crab sticks and then I was disappointed in myself because of all the packaging. Not just the outer plastic box but plastic wrappings for the pickled ginger and that horrible green stuff (wasabi) and a mini plastic bottle for the soya sauce. My bad (as the saying goes). So that will be the last time I buy sushi pre-packaged. The only sushi restaurants that I know of are in London so once I get back in to travelling that might have to a treat now and again especially as I only fancy sushi once a year.


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