10 things… #1

I’m digging at the bottom of the barrel to find something to write about and all I could come up with is “10 things”. 10 things that are currently on my mind and things that are going on in my life. Of course, once I get writing on a subject it is hard to stop me so this 10 things item might go on for 10 days…

#1. Healthy eating. I’ve never been a fan of diets and I have never had to do one except to keep an eye on my ‘bad fat’ intake. I’ve gradually been eating healthy foods over the years and now that I’m at home I’m even more keen on natural foods. Growing up in the 80s of convenience food and microwaves I spent my teens and 20s eating processed food. Even being a veggie, I believe, made it worst as I ate a lot of veggie burgers, pies, cheese pasta bakes. Most probably as a sign of getting old, in late 20s I made slight changes to my diet and started with cutting out the processed food. Eating more fruit and drinking more water. The only fizzy drinks I have now is beer or lemonade in Pimms and the occasional ‘real’ lemonade on a hot summers day. Since being at home I’m much more into having homemade everything. I have the time now. Home-baked bread is something I really love making and eating. I made bread rolls for a family barbecue yesterday and they went down a treat. Also, everyone is always so surprised when you say that the bread is homemade – bread is so easy to make! Making my own cakes and treats is another thing I like, although not very healthy but at least I know what is in them. Other things I have made lately include: tzatziki, Spanish tortilla, salad dressing (in a handy glass bottle to keep in the fridge), granola, red gooseberry pie. The only problem now is that when I’m out, especially with family, I see what rubbish they are eating and I spend the whole time thinking “I wonder if I can make that?”.


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