10 things… #4

4. Plastic. Again… I just searched my blog for when I last wrote about plastic and my current obsession with trying to rid it from my home as much as possible, unbelievable it was way back in April. F*** me, that was ages ago. It is always on my mind, when I’m at home, when I’m out, especially when I’m shopping. The main one, which I think most people must think of when shopping, is the plastic packaging on fruit and veg. So much for when it doesn’t need it. Then I start thinking about all the plastic bottles I have around the house. I counted how many where in my bathroom last week – 36. That included my shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, contact lenses solution, shower gel, hand soap, body scrub, facial scrub, body lotion, cleaning products (ecover) and various other bottles that my husband had as well. I have managed to clear out a few of them since then but it is still a few more than I would like.

I now carry fabric bags around with me everywhere and always say I don’t need a carrier bag. I have net fabric produce bags for the loose fruit and veg when I’m at the supermarket. I’m on the look out for beauty products that come in glass bottles (none found at the moment) and looking at recipes to make my own. I have many glass jars in the kitchen now so I can decant flour, rice, pulses, spices, sugar etc in to them. I have questioned why flour and sugar comes in paper bags while couscous or rice comes in plastic bags. I’m searching the internet looking for local stores that might sell bulk bag products. I’ve stopped buying sparkling water in plastic bottles, which means I have stopped drinking it except for at the weekends when I treat myself to a more expensive glass bottle of the stuff. I’m gradually convincing my husband that these small changes are for the best, not just for our health but for the world. I really should join the Green Party!


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