10 things… #9

This 10 things item I started seems hanging about (with intent) for longer than I thought it would. Maybe if I wrote everyday then it would pass quicker. Hey Ho.

9. TV. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like not to have a TV. I’m guessing I would get much more done in the evenings than I do now. Then again, I have developed a knack of writing this blog or reading other blogs while the TV is on in the evening. Maybe I just need the noise. Also, my husband likes to watch the box. Especially films. Action films. If he is watching a film or anything on the TV then I don’t get much conversation out of him. I have friends in the States who don’t have a TV but then again if I lived in the States I wouldn’t have a TV either. The amount of adverts and rubbish TV that goes on out there is shocking.

We do have the BBC which makes all the difference to TV viewing.  The BBC iPlayer is a great invention as is Sky+ so I can watch the programmes I like when I like. I also watch a lot of comedy on the Channel 4 website like the IT Crowd. I love a bit of comedy. I’m glad I’m not in to soaps or anything that just keeps going and going as that would be a complete waste of my time. The programme of the moment that I watching is ‘The Victorian Pharmacy‘. It is so interesting to see how some medicines are made and also how everything was zero waste back in those days. Glass jars, hessian sacks and lovely wooden units to house all the herbs and chemicals. I was so inspired by the tonic water making (no, I’m not going to get myself a chemistry set) that I’m thinking of creating Victorian inspired labels for my homemade jams and chutneys.

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