10 things… #10

Wahey, the end is near on this 10 things list. So, without further ado, here is number 10!

10. Fear. Fear is good. Stops most people from jumping off tall buildings. Fear is also bad. Bad for me as I have too much fear flowing in my veins. I fear a lot of things. I think I have always done so but getting older is making it a lot worse. Over the past two years I have written about it a lot and the fear is still there. One of the main fears is the challenge to do something different with my life. The present talk is to start a microbrewery but I’m fearful of the change and of course the cost of doing this. Trying to find that courage to risk everything to do something different.

To be honest we wouldn’t have to risk everything. Buying a house in the countryside with some land while still doing the ‘day job’ and with a bit of brewing on the side could work. If that works then the microbrewery could come along after a bit of time. So with a bit of courage, luck and hard work it could be a possibility. With a case of general fear I wonder if I should wait a few months before even thinking about moving house… all that stress. In other news, I’m still waiting for some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from the NHS for my health anxiety and agoraphobia. At this rate I might get better on my own (which of course is a good thing!).


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