Happy Friday!

It’s Manhattan time as well. I’ve gone back to my old ways and having a whiskey-and-vermouth drink. I will save the rum-based drinks for tomorrow. The Dark and Stormy is a good drink, even though as my teacher in bartending told me technically it should be made with Gosling’s rum and ginger beer. I’ve only got Mount Gay rum and Fentimans traditional ginger beer but it will still taste good, that’s for sure. The Sidecar was my drink of choice a month or so ago but with somehow I haven’t made one in a while. For my holiday I’m got a bottle bag ready so I can take my stash with me and yesterday I bought some more martini glasses which came in a handy cupboard box – easy transportation of glasses for a holiday up North.

Two others things have been on my mind today – exercise/losing weight and making drawstring bags. I have finally found something that I’m hoping will kick-start my fitness back to what is was last year. And that thing is skipping! Yes, skipping. Thanks to my niece at the weekend skipping and letting me have a go, I have now got my own rope and today I did about 50 skips. If I can do this everyday, and gradually increase the jumps then I know I will get fitter. From there I might get back in to fast walking or running. I might even go out on my bike. The second thought is can I make money on Etsy for making lined drawstring bags, like the one below? I might need to improve my straight lines especially on the bias tape, which is for the ‘string’, but mixing up fabrics is fun and it is nice to making something. I’m going to keep making them (I will be using them for Christmas present bags instead of wrapping paper) so only practice makes perfect and then I might take the plunge to set up a store! Happy Friday everyone!


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