A trip to Habitat

Last week after a disappointing time on the M25, in which I didn’t make it to see a friend in Surrey, I did make it to Habitat at Lakeside on the way back. I do love going into Habitat to see what the latest interiors are for the home – there is always something new to see. Even with my current thinking of trying to stop buying stuff I couldn’t resist buying some more small jars and some glasses… and some tea towels, just because. All of it will be used and all the packaging was cupboard, no plastic except for the two pieces of sticky tape holding the lids on to the jars, which is better than the jars being in a plastic bag. Habitat is one of those shops that conflicts with my ideals – one to have a wonderful modern home in the latest styles and the other to have a minimalist, no clutter, nothing new home. Oh well, here are some pictures of my purchases.

Pretty little spice jars

All the jars together - a little bit of sunshine in the kitchen

Martini and water glasses

Tea towels... might be used for some sewing project instead

Another set of tea towels

Two cushions reduced to £5 each from £30 each - bargain! Puppy assisting with the photo shoot.

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