Diary entry #45

I just made up the diary entry number as I actually think I have only ever written a few real diary entries on here and number one or two seems a bit boring. The day didn’t start to well as I hit snooze three times before I could get myself out of bed. Then, I did my usual morning routine, which I haven’t been able to shift since I started working at home last December. My morning routine is once downstairs, still in my dressing gown, I make a cup of Earl Grey (no milk or sugar) and two pieces of toast with either Marmite or jam. Then I sit on the sofa and start my mornings work which takes about an hour or so. Once that work is done I jump in the shower and get ready. Then it was nearly lunch so I sorted that out –  a banana followed by baked beans on toast. Fed the puppy some lunch as well. After lunch I locked up the house and drove to my mums so we could drive to Bluewater shopping centre.

Spent the afternoon in John Lewis, spending a small fortune on fabric, some ‘cup’ measurements for all the American recipes that I have collected, a jam funnel, a fitted kingsize sheet in organic cotton and many other little things that are too boring for here. Surprisingly the tolls at the bridge/tunnel weren’t too bad today so got back home in a good time. My mum came back home for tea and White House Oat & Fruit bars (thanks to Mike, my old colleague and friend for sending me the link for these yummy bars). Tilly the pup was very excited to see someone else with me to make a big fuss of her. After dropping my mum back home I crashed out on the sofa – I can’t believe how tiring it is walking around department stores is. Dinner was sausages (veggie ones for me), mashed potato, cabbage and runner beans with gravy. After dinner, husband and I took Tilly for a long walk over the fields – great for me (good exercise for the body and mind). Now, I’m finishing off this post while everyone else is asleep. Time for me to sleep soon as well.


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