Happy Friday 13th?

A mixed bag for me today. I don’t normally care about the old unlucky Friday 13th especially when as my birthday is on the 13 January so I class it as a lucky day. Though, today was full of disorder in my mental and physical being. The morning seemed OK until I cut my hand with a knife, trying to cut a lemon for a hot drink. Not too much blood but, boy, did it sting. It was on the unlucky finger that got burnt the day before. I felt OK while making a lunch of Tabbouleh and eating half of it in the garden with the sun shining was lovely. Then I don’t think I did much except tidy up the kitchen and sort out some laundry. By then, the weather had changed dramatically and it rained… a lot. At 2pm, I felt hungry and weak again so I finished off the Tabbouleh and then off to the supermarket to stock on food for the weekend. Even while out I felt odd and had to eat my emergency chocolate bar that I had on me (lucky that I remembered it was at the bottom of my bag). A real lack of protein might have been the case – which made me question if I should start eating meat again.

I’m so undecided by that decision – I’m sure my husband would prefer it as it would make cooking dinners easier but it has been nearly two decades since I have eaten meat (knowingly). Then again, it could be hormones or just my anxiety causing the fatigue. This is why today, has been an odd day – one minute I’m fine and the next I’m not. It is starting to piss me off that I’m not doing the things that I like: ice skating, climbing, walking, going out to the pub, joining courses to learn new things and running (to a degree as I’m rubbish at it). Enough, doom and gloom so here is the things to be thankful for: good friends on Twitter, drinking Manhattans on a Friday night, a healthy puppy (after a day of sickness), fabric cut for a quilt for the spoilt puppy (oh, so spoilt) and only a week until my holiday in the Lake District! Happy Friday!


1 Response to “Happy Friday 13th?”

  1. 1 startingoveringermany August 13, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    For protein you can eat beans, peanut butter, and so on.
    It is strange. I did not know today was Friday 13 until a few hours ago when I went on Facebook to read the status.

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