Getting back in to it

After a two-week holiday and an even longer break from blogging, I’m trying to get back in to it. Of course, after a holiday, getting back to normal life is hard. Back to the early mornings (not really for me though), work (still freelancing a few hours a day), laundry (thanks to the rain it isn’t drying quick enough), other household duties (like ironing, yawn), and cooking dinner (I’m only in day three of this and already I’m fed up with it, give me baking bread and cakes any day). There is also, that nagging feeling that I need to find my next job, albeit it will only be part-time or add to my freelance work, but the summer has gone by way too quickly and I still haven’t got a clue on what to do.

On top of that I have another nagging feeling that I need to get my anxiety sorted out once and for all. At least I was proactive today and rang the NHS to see when my therapy appointment is – someone is going to ring me back tomorrow, hopefully. Anyhow, I will try to get back to the writing because at least that way I can remember what I have been doing, even if it is making marmalade or taking the dog for a walk. I need to start writing these posts earlier in the day as well so I can turn off the laptop in the evening – it was lovely not having the internet around me all the time for two weeks in the Lake District. Just the odd tweet while in the local pub, using the free wifi. On that note, I’m finishing up here and turning the Mac off.


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