If I owned a tea shop

While cooking dinner the other day, I had an epiphany – I’m not really cut out for cooking dinners. Sometimes I enjoy it, while at other times I hate it and it is a real chore.  Luckily, enough I don’t have to cook at the weekend so Monday and Tuesday are good cooking days. I’m enthusiastic about finding a recipe or re-creating a well-used one for dinner. The rest of the week is just boring. Now, if I could just make soup, bake bread and cakes all the time then all would be OK.

Then, I came up with an idea of opening a tea shop that just sells homemade soup, bread and cakes, and of course, with drinks (the non-alcoholic type as I think getting a license to sell cocktails and beer with cake would be impossible). Not a huge menu but all freshly made that day and all in a converted barn, which is on the land that I own. Hah – another dream on owning a house in the country with a bit of land that has a barn that could be a tea room as well. At least with this dream I can practice my soup making and baking bread/cakes but I promise I won’t turn this blog in to a food blog as there seems to be enough of those in the world right now.


2 Responses to “If I owned a tea shop”

  1. 1 Bella September 13, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    If you owned a tea shop, I’d visit! Who can pass up homemade soup, cake and any other type of carb? Sign me up!

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