I’ve become boring. I blog about boring stuff because I don’t do anything exciting anymore. This is normal life, I suppose. When I started this blog I was working in London in an office with other people. I was getting to know new friends, learning new hobbies, learning new skills, doing things I haven’t done in years like going to live music gigs and running (I hadn’t done that since I was made to at school). Now, I’m at home all the time doing a few hours of work a day, seeing friends now and again for tea and cake, taking the puppy for walks, cooking dinner, housework and procrastinating on the internet a lot. I’m so glad that I’m not in to Facebook anymore otherwise I would waste even more time.

I’m guessing this is normal late-thirties life but without the kids to talk about. One problem with this type of life is that I can’t think of anything interesting to write about. Or I just think it isn’t interesting enough to write about. So, my middle-life blog will now be about food, gardening, my anxiety issues, being more creative, not going out much. Boring. Though, only I can change this but the big question is do I want to?

2 Responses to “Boring”

  1. 1 findanoutlet September 15, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    Do you welcome comments? I would love to know about Essex (as in, what is an “Essex girl” joke?)

    You might think your life is boring but not to someone who would love to be where you are! I live in Arizona.

    I love dogs—what kind of puppy do you have? You should snap some pics and post!

    Take care,

    • 2 Michelle Best September 16, 2010 at 7:54 pm

      Hi Debra – thanks for the comment. Any ‘real’ comment is welcome, I just don’t get many 🙂

      Here is a Wikipedia page about Essex Girls that will enlighten you –

      I have a Border Terrier and that is a good point, I will have to do a post with lots of photos of her.

      Cheers Michelle

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