A day out to make a difference

Yay! I went out today. For a whole five hours. In to Town as well. London Town that is. I went with my mum and a few of her friends to A Garden Party to Make a Difference at Clarence House. It was all about making a change for the environment. It was nice to see the gardens of Clarence House and see that someone is trying to make a change. With my anxiety I was a bit restless well walking around so I don’t think I felt the whole benefit of the event but that is fine as most of advice on offer I already know about – growing your own veg, composting, recycling, up-recycling old clothes etc. My only bug bear was that a lot of the ‘stalls’ were giving away leaflets and marketing material which I refused and as I had to explain to my mum I didn’t need it and if I did take it home then I would have to recycle it, thus creating waste (including a waste of resources in the printing process). Anyhow, it was a nice sunny day and I’m glad I made it out the house. Here are some snaps from my day out (picture quality not great as I was using the small camera as it is easier to carry around on a day out).

The pigs

The Band for changing of the Guard

Lancaster House

Garden at Clarence House

Growing veg

Marlborough House

The best design ~ a chair made from a shopping trolley

Ben Elton doing his thing


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