Declutter – The Office/Dressing Room

Last week I managed to stop the procrastination and had a good clear out of my office/dressing room. This room has been a mess for months now and when something is a mess then it becomes even more of mess as time goes on. In a way I’m trying to simplified my life and having a good clear out is on the right path. This room was the obvious place to start in a general house clear out and I’m grateful that last week was a good (mental) health week, meaning I had the energy to get it done. Here are some photos of the work I did which left about two bags of items for charity, a bag of rubbish (not good for my no-waste cause) and a bin full of paper for recycling. I’m hoping once all the house is done, including the loft (yikes!) then the no-waste cause will be easier to maintain. This all part of my ‘taking small steps’ program so I can get myself back to good mental & physical health – less stuff, less stress.

Semi tidy in June 2010

A month later - even more mess added to the piles

Sept 2010 - all tidy and a clear desk!

A floor! Carpet! Who knew!

2 Responses to “Declutter – The Office/Dressing Room”

  1. 1 findanoutlet September 19, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    What a cute room it turned to be. I agree about decluttering being a good step to simplifying. My partner is a pack rat and it frustrates me to be living among piles or junk that just grow and morph into bigger wastes of space. Your pictures make me want to go throw stuff away and reclaim my land!

  1. 1 Declutter – The Office/Dressing Room « Mj's Blog | Declutter My House Trackback on November 3, 2010 at 7:37 pm

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