A catch-up

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. Every night this week I have sat down with my laptop and opened a new post. Then nothing. I couldn’t think of anything to say or if I did then I didn’t want to write it on here. Therefore, I have decided that I should write a few words today in a “hello, nice to see you, I have been doing…” type of way. I’ve done the usual stuff like cooking and housework. Cooking has been tough this week, just couldn’t get excited by it or really find the energy to cook. I’ve got a few soup recipes up my sleeve but never got round to doing them. Baked beans on toast seems to be my staple of lunches this week. Last week was a much better week for cooking. Actually, last week was better for getting stuff done and feeling good.

That is because I’ve been feeling really anxious this week, which is odd as I haven’t had any major outings booked. Catching up with friends over tea and cake and taking the puppy for a walk are the only things I had to do outside of my home. The walks over the forestry commission park has been a joy with the puppy and this week, once I’m there I feel so much better. I was even lucky today as I missed the rain while over there. The puppy loves it as she is off her lead and can stiff and run around to her heart’s content. Meeting up with friends was lovely as well and they understand how I feel at times. It is just getting out the door that kills me. Anyway, tomorrow is another day and who knows how I will feel then. A good nights sleep, a good work day, a good walk day, good soup day, a good cocktail evening, could all make for it being a very good day.


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