Another day, another pound, as the saying goes… really it should be dollar but I only deal in pounds. This morning was no different to any other day that I have during the week. Get up late, have breakfast, do some work, shower and get ready, make lunch, eat lunch. Afternoons are a bit different but they always have walk the pup in the mix. This afternoon was a bit different as I meet up with friends at the local coffee house (sounds so American, should be tea house but that sounds so Japanese) for tea and cake. Yes, folks I made it out the house (though still nervous/anxious beforehand) and spoke to other people. I had a lovely time and we all went the local Aldi store for some cheap shopping afterwards. I managed to save myself £31 by buying a cheaper face moisturiser compared to my usual ‘expensive’ brand. Lets hope it turns out to be a good one as that is a good saving. Also, on a plus side it comes in a glass jar (plastic lid though), which is better than the whole plastic jar the expensive brand came in.

After a late afternoon walk over the park with the pup, I came back to do the usual chores. Tidy up the kitchen and start on dinner. I was lucky in that I missed the rain as it threw it down buckets and dinner was a success (caramelised onions, goats cheese on puff pastry with a baked potato and veg on the side). After catching up on some emails, placing an order with Lakeland (a blender for easy soup making) and spending an hour catching up on blog reading, I’m now, watching a film with Johnny Depp (not Pirates of the Caribbean) which seems a bit slow to me but good for that reason as I can write this. So, with the blog done, I can go to bed and see if I can read my book in bed without getting distracted by a puppy who wants to play (no matter how cute she is!).


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