Change of the seasons

Every spring and autumn I have a massive urge to spend unseen amounts of money on new clothes for the change of the season. The rest of the time I’m quite happy with what I have got (such a far cry from about five years ago when I was always on a spending spree) and have no desire to go shopping virtually or even in real life. Yesterday, I got my winter wardrobe boxes down from the top of my wardrobe and swapped the summer clothes for the jumpers and long-sleeved tops. Of course, the weather isn’t playing ball and today was a lovely overcast but 17C, too warm for jumpers and winter coats. I’m still wearing short-sleeved tees and if the threat of rain wasn’t always there, then I’m sure I would still be wearing sandals.

In the swap round I have discovered that I don’t have enough ‘bottoms’ for autumn/winter. Since I’ve stopped travelling in to London for work the weight has just piled on to my pear-shaped bottom half. I have one pair of jeans that fit, a pair of grey leggings and two hiking-style trousers. I have one winter skirt and a couple of summer ones that could pass for winter with the right tights. So, I’ve been on the ASOS site and pretending that I have a lot of cash for clothes, which of course I don’t. Presently on my ‘wish list’ is one pair of casual trousers from Gap, a grey pleated skirt, belted poncho, knee-high socks (I had a dream about them the other day and now I want a pair!), brown brogue-style shoes. I’m still looking for a nice pair of corduroys as well – Boden have some but I missed the 25% off event last week so I’m going to wait to see if another one happens soon. I’m going to have a think about these for the next few days but I’m looking forward to wearing a skirt with black thick tights or knee-high socks with my biker boots/brown shoes with a groovy-almost-ski-jumper-looking poncho. Autumn could be fun with some cool styles – I had better sort out some invoices to send off then!

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