Two outings

Apart from walking the dog and going to the supermarket, I don’t really get out often. Of course this is partly because I have a fear of leaving my house but with small steps I’m getting better at going out. This doesn’t make it any easier for actually getting out, normally a good few hours before going I feel sick and just fuzzy about the whole thing, then wish I had never agreed to go out. Though the feeling of joy once I’m out (most of the time) and when I’m back home is good so that I know it is worth it. Jeez, I sound like an advert for shampoo or some other beauty product. Last night I went out with two friends for some late dinner and drinks at a lovely country (in the middle of nowhere) pub. Having a beer before going out helped and I had a great time talking about tinned fruit and Findus Crispy Pancakes – yes, we are all from the generation of 70/80s food.

Today, I helped out my sister-in-law and did the school pick-up for my nieces. This is the first time I have been near a school gate and actually picking up a small child. As a non-breeder I have no reason to do this so I found the whole experience daunting, and to be honest a bit weird. There were too many Victoria Beckham look-a-likes, a couple of hipsters and a few women who seemed to think they were a bit posh (not by looking like Posh but giving off that air that they are). Of course, there were quite a few grandparents there too doing the school run (just like my in-laws would do normally). It was nice to see my nieces and I got to watch some kids cartoons as well – nice to see Scooby Doo is still on the box. I’m doing the same on Monday so I might have to get myself a V.B outfit so I fit in. Hah, never! Happy Friday!


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