A quick run in the rain

It was a very quick run in the rain and I wasn’t really dressed appropriate for running. I’m out with the puppy for our daily walk over the forestry commission park and as usual I was wearing what I have been wearing for the past month or so. Jeans, a t-shirt, Adidas Original trainers and an Animal cotton zip top (you know, a British summer evening outer-layer). Even yesterday I got a bit warm and took the jacket off. I’m trying to get as many Vitamin D rays as possible. Anyway, half-way round our usual walk it started to rain but the sun was still shining and even though we were close to the car I thought, it will be fine, the weather will clear. Then it went completely dark and the heavens opened. Typically (as my mum would say), I was just at the clearing on a slight hill as the rain came pouring down. After sheltering under some small hazel trees I made a dash for it and ran. I haven’t run in ages and made it to the lonesome pear tree on the track. Wet but not feeling too out of breath.

The pup stood with me for a while as I weighed up my options – stay by the tree until it cleared or made another run for it. So, run I did, until my legs couldn’t take it anymore and I was drenched. I haven’t felt like running in ages. Obviously, I need extreme weather conditions to make me feel like it. Once I got home and it was still raining, so I’m glad I didn’t decide to stay by the pear tree, I got changed and got on with my chores. An hour or so later, I could really feel my legs and they ached. Ached in a good way. Maybe I should to a rain dance before I leave for a walk everyday so I can fit in a spot of running too.


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