Things I’m liking at the moment – Music: Foals

I’m always on the look out for some new music but normally I rely on friends for recommendations before I check the sounds out. Today, while in the car to take the pup for her walk over the country park I heard on the radio a song that I quite liked and not one that is always played (ie. The Drums or The XX). It turned out to be the Foals, which is a band that I have heard of before but never really listened to. Maybe that’s because they got a lot of hype while playing at some festival that I watched on the BBC. Or maybe I have heard their earlier stuff and just didn’t like it. I’m quite enjoying the latest offering “Blue Blood” and the Daytrotter session that was recorded earlier this month. I might just have to check more of their records out on Spotify before buying any or I will do the “teenage” thing and just buy one song. Like a 7 inch single or if I had a tape recorder then I would tape it off the radio and play in on my Sony Walkman. I’m reminiscing back to my youth of the 80s and the rewind button… anyhow, back to the present day and much better music.


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