Diary entry #23

I’m not sure if I have done a “diary entry” before but as I’m just going to write a stream of random thoughts I couldn’t think of a very good title. Sometimes I just don’t have enough energy to write 300-odd words about one thing. Sometimes I don’t even have 20 words to write about one thing but I have the need to tell it anyway. I can’t believe that it has been since Tuesday when I last wrote on my blog, I used to have such discipline with writing everyday when I first started over two years ago. Though, I’m most probably not the first to find this – things change and your properties change. With me, I believe, it is a case of not working in an office in London that has caused the writings to dry up. My days are pretty much the same so there is nothing new to write about everyday. So, this week…

I have already used two pumpkins for cooking – soup and pumpkin, cranberry & pecan blondies (I suppose like brownies but without chocolate so not brown in colour). I have some more baked pumpkin in the fridge ready for pureeing so I can make some more cakes. No pumpkin carving here – they are all for eating! Especially, now that the main oven is fixed. The puppy is doing well and our daily walks are great. I’m even starting to recognise a few other walkers over there so the chatting has gone up to more than just a “hello”.  After chatting to a good friend I have quite a few new bands to listen to, which is always a good thing. I think the jury is still out on the Foals – I’m just not sure I like all their stuff. There is a curse to listening to the radio. The other day I caught a song that sounded good and then found out it was The Strokes from 2006. I’m more interested in newer stuff at the moment. Last night I watched the latest Poirot, which I had recorded from Wednesday, while my husband was out with his dad at the pub. The programme was wonderful – so well made and there is always things to learn from a story set in 1920/30s. The game Snap-dragon was one last night. A game for children which involves brandy, raisins & fire. Mix the brandy and raisins together in a big bowl and set light to the brandy. Then the kids have to pick out the raisins to eat while it is on fire. Of course, this game isn’t played as much today as it was – damn, those ‘Health & Safety’ freaks! Lastly, for today, I made fresh bread yesterday and drank a Manhattan on a Friday night like I always do.


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