An update

Hello World! It has been ages since I have written a real post and it sure does feel like it. The ‘Photo of the day’ project was fun but still there were days when I couldn’t be bothered or just couldn’t find a good enough photo to post. Now, I’m back to writing with the occasional photo. Woowho, I can hear the crowds cry… maybe not. So, the month of November went pass quickly and now it is 1st December with Christmas truly approaching fast. What has been happening? Well, I’m still working part-time at home, partially for my old company a few hours a day and for my old boss, who is now a self-employed consultant. I’m earning about a third of what I was before I left full-time employment but actually feel richer. Okay, the savings aren’t top up as much as they were but I’m not paying for travel and there is no need to buy breakfast or lunch. No longer am I tempted by the shops near the office. Though online shopping is a bit of a curse. Maybe I just feel richer because I’m no longer part of the rat race.

As much as I’m enjoying this new career path (not really sure I would call it a career) I need to find some other work to top it up. This is mainly at the request of my husband, though I’m not sure on how I’m going to fit anymore work in, especially when there is housework and cooking to do. In other news, I’m getting out more and the anxiety seems to get better. I’ve mostly done this by learning a small but quick breathing exercise for when I’m out and about plus distraction techniques which I’m learning from a book I have. I’m still on the waiting list (I rang them last week to check) for some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – it has been a year now! Ho hum. The pup is getting bigger and we are both enjoying our daily walks over the park. It actually feels like the walks are helping me with my anxiety and I may have lost a tiny amount of weight as well. I think that is it for an update and not one mention of snow! I’m saving that for future posts.


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